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The Lake Murray Fishing Report

Lake Murray Fishing - Buddy
Lake Murray Fishing Report
Capt Buddy Bouknight
Sunrise Fishing Guide Service
Specializing in Striped Bass fishing
Phone # 803-319-8722

Greetings Fishermen,

I run a Lake Murray Fishing charter service specializing in striped bass but have fished for every kind of fish in the lake at one time or another. I plan to update the Lake Murray Fishing Report every two months with predictable Lake Murray fishing trends based on my 35 years of fishing experience on this beautiful lake. The only thing better than going fishing is catching fish and I hope I will be able to assist you in improving your chances every time you go. 

As is the case throughout the Palmetto State, please remember that fishing on Lake Murray's beautiful waters does require a South Carolina Fishing License. To view a list of locations where you can purchase a South Carolina Fishing License click here. You can also purchase a South Carolina Fishing License on line! To purchase one on line click here. Finally, The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources designates one weekend each year as a "free weekend." On these days a license is not required for South Carolina fishing. This years South Carolina fishing free days are June 7th and 8th.

To learn about Lake Murray's best kept fishing secrets - the 21 submerged fish attractors, and to see a map of their precise locations, click here!

Lake Murray Fishing Forcast  April - May
Lake Murray Fishing Forcast June - July
Lake Murray Fishing Forcast  August - September
Lake Murray Fishing Forcast October - November
Lake Murray Fishing Forcast December - January
Lake Murray Fishing Forcast February - March

Good Fishing!,
Captain Buddy Bouknight

Lake Murra Fishing Guide