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B-25's at the bottom of Lake Murray?

Yes, there are. During World War II, the site that is now Columbia Metropolitan Airport was an Army Air Corps air base, one of only two in the US used for training B-25 pilots and bombing crews for combat bombing missions.

Lunch Island, smack in the middle of Lake Murray, made an ideal target for "mock" bombing runs and it, along with several other Lake Murray islands, were used as targets throughout the war. In the process, a still undetermined number of planes crashed and ended up at the bottom of the lake.

The exact number of B-25's that remain in the bottom of Lake Murray has been a source of speculation and differing opinions throughout the years since the war, with some estimates ranging as high as 25 planes.

The number will probably never be known accurately, but the U. S. Navy has now located a number of wrecks using sophisticated sonar devices.